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Whether your too busy or uninspired, Homestead Chef offers fresh options to fit your lifestyle. From Meal Prep services to DIY Courses, find what you need here for a fresh new start!


In early 2018...

Homestead Chef was created for individuals and families who just don't have time to cook. Whether it be business professionals, large families or anyone in between, Homestead Chef wanted to put nutritious, plant based meals on their table... or in their lap. 

Back by 4 years of culinary experience, this site has many different resources to fit your needs. From meal prep services for the Bangor, Maine area, online courses designed to help the home chef enhance their skills in the comfort of their own kitchen, to the blog, where we explore plant based recipes, flavors and more!

I founded Homestead Chef to create a business for myself that had me inspired and anxious to wake up every morning. My name is Victoria and I had worked 4 years in the food service industry. It was hot, tiring and didn't vibe with me the way I wanted it to. I had always loved cooking and creating beautiful meals, so I decided to create a business that would allow me to do exactly that. Now I get to share my passion with like minded individuals like you!

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