Packages & Pricing

We know you're busy.

That's why we've made it easy for individuals and families in the Bangor, Maine area to access nutritious, plant based meals made especially for them!

Sourcing from local businesses wherever possible and minimizing waste, the meals we offer will make you feel good inside and out.

Lets Do Lunch

Basic Lunch Package- 5 meals for $42.99 + cost of groceries
 Choice the entrees you prefer from our weekly menu to enjoy throughout the work week.                                                                                 Click Below to request a Basic Lunch menu for the upcoming week.
Lunch and Snack Package- 5 meals & 5 Snacks for $48.99 + cost of groceries
             Choice 5 entrees plus 5 snacks from our weekly menu to power you through the week.
                        Click Below to request a Lunch & Snack menu for the upcoming week. 

Family Dinner Options

2 meals for $129.99 + cost of groceries   Each additional meal $14.99 + groceries

Our Family Dinner Packages are a great way to get everyone to pause from their busy schedules and enjoy a meal together. Our weekly menu provides options everyone will enjoy. Choice as many as you'd like (2 meal minimum). Each meal comes with 4 servings.
Click Below to request our Family Dinner Menu